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There are many companies offering simple panoramas and having researched the software solutions available, I believe that yours is by far away the best, and most cost effective.

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360 Flash Panorama Viewer

Product Overview



Product Detail


System Requirements


Product Overview

The 360 Flash PanoViewer is an exciting new panoramic viewer, and is a great power to web utilities! It allows web surfers to view your panoramas over the internet instantly, or even embed them in your own flash design projects! This panoramic viewer enables people to interact with panoramas, so that they can look around, zoom in and out and look up and down - all of which creates a sensation of virtually being there!


  • Design your own interface or use one included with 360 Flash Panorama Viewer
  • Flash! - Highest Quality
  • Flash! - Super Fast User Responsive
  • Flash! - Viewer Loads Instantly (only 5.2Kb)

  • No special skills needed!
  • Free yourself of any ongoing license fees, keys, or royalties
  • No Flash authoring tools required!
  • Instant download after purchase!

  • Uses Macromedia Flash plugin!
    (over 97% online users have it installed)
  • Viewer can be embedded in your own Flash projects
  • Compare all the 360 Degrees of Freedom products!
  • Modify and edit webpages created with 360 Flash Panorama Viewer in popular webdesign tools such as:

    Macromedia Dreamweaver

    Microsoft FrontPage

    Adobe GoLive

Location : Auckland, NewZealand
Click and Drag Mouse to pan left, right, up and down.
Cursor Up to Zoom In, Cursor Down to Zoom Out.

You are able to download the 360 Flash Pano Viewer directly off the internet, once you have your receipt of course, which will be emailed to the address that you specify during your completion of the order form. Instant Access as soon as you have waiting period!

If you are a Flash author you can do even more!

We supply the Flash ActionScript source code (FLA) for one example 'Skin' which you can see on this page. You can modify this however you like or create a new skin based on it.

We also supply the Flash ActionScript source code (FLA) for a 'Skinless' example so you can integrate the viewer into your own design projects more tightly.

Click here to see a 'skinless' example.


Fig 1. Structure Overview

How Does It Work?

Import a panorama image (JPG), of any filesize, created with any Panorama Stitching Software and convert it to Flash format (SWF) with our software. The quality of the original panorama image (JPG) is maintained when converted to Flash Format (SWF). The SWF files are only marginally larger filesize than the original JPGs!

Then choose from a number of options in our software to create the web page!

You can set the panorama viewer window size as large or as small as you like. Click here to see an example of a thumbnail sized panorama

The 'Skin' is made from vector graphics which means it will always retain its visual quality no matter what the size.

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360.3D Project will help you to create seamless panoramas from a series of photos.

As well as enabling interaction, the 360 Developer Suite also enables users to view and interact with 3D Objects inside panoramic environments. Just imagine being able to pick up virtual products from within a virtual shop! Click here to see the Developer Suite!

The Minimum Requirements for the 360 Flash Pano Viewer Authoring Tool:

Pentium 90 MHz
10 MB hard disk space
800 x 600 monitor with high color (16 bit) or true color (24 bit)
Windows 95/98/ME with 32 MB virtual memory
Windows NT/2000/XP with 64 MB of virtual memory

To see more examples of the capabilities of the 360 Flash Pano Viewer - Click HERE


Download Now Limited Trial Download 3.65MB



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