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There are many companies offering simple panoramas and having researched the software solutions available, I believe that yours is by far away the best, and most cost effective.

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360 Panorama Professional©

Beginners or professionals. Create simple panoramas or multi-image virtual tours.


Available individually or packaged with other VRbrochure and 360.3D authoring software, 360 Panorama Professional is a powerful panorama stitcher and simple-to-use virtual tour builder.

Create panoramas from a series of images taken with any standard digital camera, and view online with the Java-based panoramic viewer.

Then use the authoring tool to link panoramas together with hotspots and custom logos, for publishing into html pages which you can then customize yourself.

Why 360 Panorama Professional?

Stitching features required by the professionals

Auto stitch, color adjust & blend
360 Image Assembler automatically adjusts itself to any lens focal length, color adjusts and blends the images, works perfectly even with a tilted camera and is designed to work with high resolution (multi-megabytes) images.

Create photo montages as well as panoramas
Make a montage out of aerial/satellite photos, or multiple photos of a painting, blue-print or map, allowing you to easily assemble pictures of a single flat subject shot in multiple parts.

Publish in a variety of formats
In addition to publishing in the 360.3D java viewer, images can be saved in most common formats (bmp, tiff, jpg, pict, targa, etc) but also in QTVR format.


More than just stitching – virtual tour authoring as well!

Create a virtual walkthrough using hotspots
The simple authoring interface allows you to easily link panoramas together using hotspots and allow users to easily move from room-to-room for a complete virtual walkthrough.

Brand your virtual tours for you and your clients
You can also customize the virtual tours with your own logos, which are viewed when the panoramas are loaded into the image viewer.

Who needs 360 Panorama Professional?

Anyone starting with panorama stitching and simple virtual tour authoring

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, if you are looking to get started and need a solution to stitch panoramas and create simple virtual tours, then 360 Panorama Professional is for you.

Looking for more?

Create tours that leave your competitors in awe.

As a developer, 360.3D Project or Developer Suite gives you the ability to create the ultimate tour with special effects, 3D objects, slideshows and animations.

As a photographer, designer or sales/marketer, with VRbrochure Project & VRbrochure Professional you can create in minutes, tours with 360 & 3D images, photos, hotspots, plans & slideshows.

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