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With a R&D base in Melbourne, Australia and offices soon to be opened in US and Europe, 360 Degrees Of Freedom is part of the ChannelVR group.

At 360 Degrees Of Freedom, we empower our team to produce the industry's most innovative tools, and to support our service providers, industry professionals and business partners, as they create the web's most compelling and commercially beneficial virtual-inspection experiences.

Through the use of our 360 Degrees Of Freedom tools, our objective is to assist you and all of our customers to sell your products more effectively, and so help you to increase sales, or reduce your cost of selling, or both; while also offering a higher level of service to your customers.

Every member of our team has a direct responsibility for helping to develop and grow:
- you, our customer, the people and companies that purchase our products,
- your clients, the people and companies to whom you sell your services and products,
- your client's customers, the end users, the people who view, experience and benefit from the virtual-inspection experiences that you create.

If, for any reason, there is anything that we can do better, or differently or, in addition, to help you to build your business, please contact us, we want to know.


Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, ChannelVR is a leading provider of tools for the authoring and online publishing of interactive media and presentations.

With more than 4,000 customers in 50+ countries, our products are used for applications including:
- virtual tours for real estate, tourism/hospitality, education/training and eCommerce;
- visual documentation in markets including forensics, police and defense, training and asset management;
- personal publishing, for authoring of online interactive presentations

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