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Specially designed full-360 PanoHead for your dSLR or Nikon Coolpix camera.

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There are many companies offering simple panoramas and having researched the software solutions available, I believe that yours is by far away the best, and most cost effective.

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VRstitcher Fisheye Pro

Full-360, spherical panoramas from digital SLR and Nikon Coolpix cameras

Product Details

Create unlimited panoramas. No key fees. No annual licenses

With VRstitcher Fisheye you can create unlimited panoramas for a one-off license fee. No per image "key" fees and no annual licenses.

Supports digital SLR cameras/fisheye lenses & Nikon Coolpix

With its new 2/3/4/6 shot stitching system, VRstitcher Fisheye Pro provides higher resolution, better quality full-360 stitching.

Take your Nikon Coolpix camera/fisheye combination, or mount your Sigma 8mm, Nikon 10.5mm, or any other fisheye lens to your favorite digital SLR.

This together with our specially designed 2/3/4/6 shot pano head rotators, gives you the freedom to create amazing high resolution full-360 panoramas.

Stitches 2, 3, 4 or 6 - circular, cropped & full-frame fisheyes

Circular fisheye images have 180° of view in all directions and are produced from the Nikon Coolpix camera with FC-E9 fisheye lens.

While 2 shots is typically sufficient to capture the full-360 environment, 3-shots with its greater overlap, will give a higher quality result, with no obvious joining "seam".

Cropped fisheye images are produced from the Sigma 8mm fisheye/digital SLR camera combination. Because the focal length multiplier of most dSLR cameras is greater than 1, the edges of the circular fisheye are cropped.

This means that 4 shots are required to give the best full-360 coverage.

Full-frame fisheye images capture 180° view across the diagonal of the image. As a result, 6 shots are typically required for the full 360° view. The advantage of the full-frame fisheyes, is the very high resolution panorama that can be achieved.

Easy to use image selection with “instant-stitch”

Forget the time consuming waiting with some stitching products, with VRstitcher instant-stitch, select your camera/lens and number of images and VRstitcher creates your panorama in only seconds.

Advanced stitching algorithms and superior manual controls

You can now achieve higher quality and more consistent results, from even difficult to stitch images.

Multiblend and PolarBlend options work to significantly decrease the visibility of any “seams” between the fisheye images.

The ability to manual control focal length and alpha blending, x/y and image radius, plus roll, pan, tilt and barrel distortion, ensures the best result from even the most difficult stitch.

While “see thru mode” makes the overlapping areas of the fisheyes semi-transparent for easier alignment for 3/4/6 shot stitching

Fine tune all aspects of the color of each fisheye image, including Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Hue Level and Vignetting, to give you a seamless, high resolution image.

Stitch multiple sets of fisheyes

Increase your production efficiency by opening and stitching multiple image sets simultaneously in batch mode.

Customize and Save Default Stitching Settings

Every camera/lens/panohead combination differs slightly from every other.

VRstitcher fisheye allows you to save the default settings for specific camera/lens combinations.

Select the configuration for your camera kit and get a perfect stitch each time.

Custom tripod cap branding, to promote you and your client

Promote yourself and your client’s business by branding the base of the panorama (tripod cap) with the logo of your choice. The tripod cap branding is then visible whenever a user pans down to view the base of the full-360 image.

Includes virtual tour authoring and java viewer

The simple authoring interface allows you to easily link panoramas together using hotspots and allow users to easily move from room-to-room for a complete virtual walkthrough.

You can also customize the virtual tours with your own logos, for additional branding opportunities, visible when the panoramas are loaded into the image viewer.

Looking for more?
Need a full-360 PanoHead or VRbrochure software?

The Full-360 Kit includes VRstitcher Fisheye as well as the specially designed full-360 PanoHead required required to shoot fisheye panoramic images.

Photographers, designers, sales/marketers. VRbrochure Project & VRbrochure Professional creates VRbrochures with 360 & 3D images, photos, hotspots, plans & slideshows.

Looking for a complete kit? Developer Suite, VRbrochure Suite or Virtual Tour Business Kit packages the best of the 360dof product range for everything you need.

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